Terms, Conditions, and Guidelines


  • It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that a space for the van is available on move day.
  • If a parking ticket is issued as a result of a space not being reserved for the Oxfordshire-Removals vehicle the cost of the ticket will be met by the customer.
  • If space has not been reserved, then any meter costs incurred on move day will be passed onto the customer.

Flat pack furniture

  • Oxfordshire-Removals are delighted to disassemble and reassemble any flat pack furniture that needs to be taken apart, and do so successfully on a daily basis.
  • However, we cannot guarantee that it will 'go back up' as solidly as it once did.
  • This is a manufacturing quality issue, and not an Oxfordshire-Removals incompetence issue.


  • Oxfordshire-Removals have a Goods in transit insurance. This policy provides protection for your goods in transit subject to a limit of indemnity of £10,000 per vehicle load.
  • In the unlikely event that damage occurs to your goods, the customer must pay the first £250 of any claim. Thereafter, you will be indemnified accordingly and your goods repaired or replaced to their current value.
  • The client must inform Oxfordshire-Removals via email of any loss or damage to property, within 72 hours of the removals job finishing, for a claim to be valid.
  • Any insurance claim is independent of the final bill owed to Oxfordshire-Removals. In the unlikely event of any loss or damage to property, the removals service would still need to be paid for in full, and any insurance claim would then be handled by our insurers.

Unforeseen Events

  • If a sofa is unable to 'get into' the customer's new property then Oxfordshire-Removals will remove doors, and take off its feet to get it in. This works in 99.9% of cases.
  • However, the original quote for the job does not cover any unforeseen costs such as the hiring of a cherry picker to take a sofa (that will not fit through the front door) up through a first-floor window again this has never happened in over 1000 jobs done, and so is a completely hypothetical situation.
  • Similarly, if a fixed price quote is calculated on the assumption that Oxfordshire-Removals has the use of the elevator, and the elevator is then out of order on move day, a surcharge may be added, so as to cover the additional costs that this would incur Oxfordshire-Removals.

Fixed Price Telephone Quotes

  • Oxfordshire-Removals calculate the cost of a fixed price telephone quote based on the information that the client gives us i.e. the number of boxes, and the number of items of furniture to be moved.
  • Oxfordshire-Removals is happy to move an extra 5-10 boxes over and above the number given by the client, at no extra charge to the customer.
  • However if Oxfordshire-Removals arrive at the job where we have been told there are 35 boxes to move, and there end up being 70 boxes, Oxfordshire-Removals will charge for the whole job at the appropriate hourly rate.

Nonpayment of bill

  • If a client refuses to pay the end bill then there will be a 48 hour cooling off period giving the client the opportunity to pay the outstanding bill in full.
  • If the client does not do so within this 48 hour period then Oxfordshire-Removals will start debt recovery proceedings on the client.
  • Any costs incurred in order to take the route of debt recovery will be added to the final bill owed and are to be met by the client.

Laszlo and his team were outstanding from start to finish.

Laszlo and his team were outstanding from start to finish.

by Dan Graham 26 Jan 2018
Following some swift and efficient initial email contact, Laszlo came out and assessed our home before providing a very decent quote(three other companies quoted us, and Laszlo came in at the lowest quote by a small margin) There packing team were excellent and the removal team were also excellent. They were on time, efficient, courteous, and nothing seemed too difficult or too much trouble. As promised, the quote was all inclusive with no hidden extras. They made a very stressful day much less stressful then it might have been otherwise.
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